Sunday, August 21, 2016

New Approach to the Brown Bag Lunch Discussions Series

by Nancy Davis

We will be continuing the Brown Bag Lunch series in the fall, with two already-scheduled sessions at the Bethel Inn. This is an opportunity to discuss a topic of general interest in an informal small group setting. The second of the two sessions has been developed, but the October session will begin a new approach. In the future, we will not be determining topics months ahead; instead, we hope that people will come forward with a willingness to facilitate the discussion and an interesting idea to be pursued. Topics may center around current issues, fun activities, or regular classes that take place during that term - or even a class coming up in a future term. Maybe you have an even different idea! You don’t need to do the logistics; Nancy Davis will take care of that. Please contact her with an idea you’d be willing to pursue. To jog your memory, here are some topics from the past: American Society: Distrust and Fear; How Do Your Remember the 60’s? World War II Stories; Gardening to Benefit the Community.

Tuesday, 10/18, 12:15-1:30, Bethel Inn Library: Have a new idea you might like to flesh out? Contact Nancy

Wednesday, 11/16, 12:15-1:30, Bethel Inn Library: What hope is there for our American society? How can we be agents of change in the civil discourse that surrounds our political environment? This will not be a political discussion – hence, the post-election date; rather, it will focus on the over-arching political nature of our society (and perhaps others world-wide).

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