Sunday, August 28, 2016

New WMSC Board Members to Be Elected at Annual Meeting

At the Annual Meeting and Potluck Supper on September 7 we will say thank you to retiring WMSC Board members Mary Haberman, Bonnie Marien and Norman Milliard, all who have served as officers and directors for the past six years. We will then elect four new members to the WMSC Board: Brendon Bass, Susan Herlihy, Peter Musso and Eunice Ruby. We asked each of them to write a few words of introduction. Here's what they have to say.

Brendon Bass

Jean and I first came to Bethel as co-pastors of the West Parish Congregational Church. The talented, loving people of this community and the beauty of this area also led us to retire here.

Senior College's offerings, and especially its fun and involved people, help me feel that there's still a lot to learn and great folks to learn with.

We like to travel, make and enjoy music, hike, and of course spend time with our families. Also, I am concerned to improve democratic governance, increase justice, and reduce global warming.

Susan Herlihy

Along with family, the mountains, rivers, skiing and community involvement make up my core. The Bethel/Newry area offers all of those, and the addition of WMSC some years ago certainly increased the vibrant volunteer opportunities as well as the learning and entertainment options. I'm glad to lend some energy to the organization.

Peter Musso

My first trip to Maine was a ski trip to Sunday River in 1983 with my partner Norman Milliard. I fell in love with the area, and in 1985 Norman and I purchased the house we are living in presently. We joined Senior College in 2009 when Norman retired from the Postal Service. We both felt the need to get more involved in the Bethel area and that Senior College would be a great opportunity for us. Besides skiing I enjoy kayaking, mountain biking, hiking, snow shoeing and cross country skiing, and I like to think of myself as an amateur artist.

Eunice Ruby

My husband and I came to Bethel three years ago after our son and daughter-in-law convinced us we would love it here. I grew up in Newton, Massachusetts and have lived in New York City, New Orleans, Memphis, Orlando, Houston and Minneapolis. I wasn't sure about living in a small town. Well...this girl has been totally surprised. The opportunities offered by the Senior College, the amazing people who teach the courses, the camaraderie and effort put forth by members of the organization almost put a spell on me. I feel like I've fallen from a steady, calm path toward old age into a hotbed of fun and ideas.

My background is editing, in book publishing and education, and co- ownership of a prime steak house. I love to read biography, and if I ever finish the great, ponderous Alexander Hamilton, other genres of literature as well. I've always been interested in politics; this election has spurred me to finally volunteer. If it's new, I love it; if it's a challenge, I'm on it. Of course, nothing beats having fun with my family.

Brendon Bass, Susan Herlihy, Eunice Ruby and Peter Musso
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