Sunday, October 2, 2016

Painting With Words

Western Mountains Senior College's own Ruth Bebko is a newly-published author! Painting With Words is a lovely collection of poetic pieces about nature, travel, dogs and home; some are limericks, some serious, many are poignant. If you'd like to check out Ruth's book there's a copy in the Bethel Library. Meanwhile, here's a taste!

Captain Sicily’s Britches 

Bulletproof and olive green,
finest wool I ever have seen.
“Army Issue” sewn inside.
Worn with valor and great pride
            by a Captain Sicily,
native son of Italy.

Why don’t they show signs of blood or tear
(signatures of combat wear)?
Perhaps they’d been cast
             as battle lines passed - 
by the bed of some maid
on whose bosom he laid.
Or could they’ve been new? 
Or just dropped in the loo?

They sure showed up strange
in the Clothing Exchange.
How’d they make it to Bethel?
There’s no way to tell –
             but they’ve ended up snug
             in my new braided rug.

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