Sunday, October 30, 2016

Senior College Players Rehearsing Anniversary Play

by Rosabelle Tifft

It’s the tenth anniversary of the Senior College Players and something special and unique has been planned.

There will be only one play, but it will be interwoven with vignettes from a number of plays over the years. Players selected these plays from some of their favorite roles and are enjoying rehearsals as they recall these fun scripts.

Ross and Carole Timberlake in “Postcards from Sicily.”

Ross Timberlake, well known to Western Mountains Senior College members for his acting, directing and play writing, has written and is directing a special script to honor the work of the past ten years.

“Postcards from Sicily” by Jules Tasca is one of the comedy vignettes. It features Ross and Carole Timberlake as a husband and wife traveling through Sicily. You’ll enjoy their hilarious antics as they both show very different opinions about their wild adventures.

Carol Campbell in her role as a mime.  Photos by Norman Milliard.
 Another vignette features Carol Campbell re-playing her popular role as a mime in “The Essence of Mature Sensuality” by Patricia Puckett and Douglas Hill.

Watch the blog for more clues about this upcoming fun-filled anniversary play, and plan to join one of our performances scheduled for 7:00 pm on November 18 and 19 at Gould Academy’s McLaughlin Auditorium.

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