Monday, December 5, 2016

Walkers in the Bingham Gym

Last week saw the first walkers taking advantage of the new walking program for seniors at Gould Academy's Bingham Gym. This week the gym will be open for walking on Tuesday and Thursday (December 6 and 8) from 1:30 - 2:30 pm. Now that there's snow on the ground come and check it out! Please bring a pair of gym-type shoes to wear - street shoes are not allowed in the gym.

Because of Gould Academy activities, after this week the walking program will take a break until January 10. For more information contact Jackie Cressy (, 824-0508).

Chorus Line: Laurie Winsor and Judy Whitman are cute enough to be in a chorus line, but they're in a "Walking line" at the Bingham Gym at Gould Academy.   photo Eunice Ruby

John Holliday joined the walkers Thursday. photo Eunice Ruby

The gym is connected to Bingham Hall at Gould, the door to the right.  Rosabelle Tifft found it! photo Eunice Ruby

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