Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Introducing New Board Members

At the Annual Meeting next Wednesday, September 6 we will elect two members to the Western Mountains Senior College Board of Directors: Liz Wooley and Marvin Ouwinga.

Liz Wooley says, “As I approached retirement, I knew I needed a plan. I had seen a Senior College advertisement in the Maine Senior magazine. This is what I liked about what I read: attend classes, participate in discussions, take no tests, and meet people my age with similar interests. All the things I wanted. I chose Western Mountain Senior College because of its location in the Bethel area.

“I enjoy the opportunity to learn about a variety of topics - Great Decisions, Digital Devices, and Counterpoint to Cakewalk for a few. Topics I have wanted to know more about but did not have the time to do while working. Also, important to me is the social aspect of the Senior College. I have met so many people who are knowledgeable, fun loving, and approachable. I look forward to continuing to participate in WMSC as a "student" and as a participant on the Board. The Senior College offers so much and I want to be a part of making sure that continues.”

Marvin Ouwinga needs no introduction to those of us who have been around for a while, having served six years as a board member and two more as chair. But we have had a number of new members join since then, so we asked him to tell us a little about himself anyway! Here’s what he says.

“My wife Tineke and I came to Bethel in 1976 to work at Gould Academy. We retired in 2007 and moved up to our house on Paradise Road. The Senior College has been very important in our lives since then. Tineke has been involved in several plays put on by members of the College. I have taught several classes, mostly in art history, and continue to participate in Great Decisions. I have been on every committee and chaired the College for two years. I will be happy to get back on the Board after a two year break.”

We are very happy to welcome Liz and Marvin to the Western Mountains Senior College Board.

Liz Wooley, Nurrie Caviness and Marvin Ouwinga.  Nurrie Caviness was appointed to the board in March when former board member Jan Settele moved to Falmouth.

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