Saturday, February 9, 2013

Gaining a Better Understanding of Heart Disease in Women

by Lorrie Hoeh 

Dr. vanBuren speaks with Kay Larson.  photo R. Tifft
On Thursday, February 7, there was another presentation in WMSC's “To Your Health” series entitled “Women and Heart Disease." Those of us who attended were treated to an excellent and informative presentation by Dr. Daniel E. vanBuren, M.D., of the New England Heart Institute and Androscoggin Valley Hospital.

The speaker told of how women have too often been ignored in the study of heart disease, which has long been thought of as a man’s disease.  Moreover, women presenting with symptoms of cardiac problems are often not treated with the same vigor as men presenting similar symptoms.  Also reviewed were the various statistics of cardiovascular disease, especially that it is the leading cause of death in women.  Dr. vanBuren then presented graphic descriptions of what goes on in a heart attack and what can be done to prevent it, emphasizing the importance of diet, exercise, and stress management.

The audience came away with a better understanding of heart disease, its prevention, and intervention protocols.

Dr. vanBuren was introduced by Rosabelle Tifft, who also reminded us of two upcoming “To Your Health” programs, “Good Meals: in 30 Minutes or Less” on March 21, and “Good Mind--Good Mood” on April 11, both in keeping with the theme of “keeping your glass half full.” 

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