Thursday, August 15, 2013

Picnic, Picking and Poetry

by Rosabelle Tifft

“Blueberries are so spectacular, you can pick them with both hands,” said Ruth Barrett, one of those
Ruth Barrett, picking with both hands
attending Beth and Walter Brough’s “Picnic, Picking and Poetry” afternoon.  Walter’s classical music offered a meditative air, and the mountain views added to the peaceful atmosphere.

In less than an hour, we’d picked up to a quart of berries or more and Beth called us inside for poetry and dessert.  We enjoyed a variety of original poems and roared with laughter at Marvin Ouwinga’s limericks and Walter’s comical verses. Beth’s pumpkin cake and frosted brownies had all of us drooling for more.

Ruth Barrett laughing at Marvin Ouwinga's limericks
Beth invites anyone interested to come to her home and pick blueberries anytime. “No need to call ahead,” she said. “Just come along and pick even if we’re not at home, as the berries are very plentiful, but they won’t last long.”

We extend special thanks to Beth and Walter for once again opening their lovely home and grounds for this special event. Even the rain held off, as promised, until everyone headed home.

Mary Tyler and Ruth Barrett
Walter Brough in his element
Walter clears brush in blueberry field
Beth Brough gives pointers to Marvin Ouwinga

Rosabelle Tifft, Ruth Barrett and Beth Brough
Blueberries everywhere - Beth says come and pick while they last!
photos by Rosabelle Tifft

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