Sunday, October 27, 2013

Senior College Players to Perform in November

by Rosabelle Tifft

Senior College Players are gearing up for an evening of mystery, mayhem, memories and a few “grammatical” surprises for their presentation on Friday, November 22 and Saturday, November 23 at the Gould Academy McLaughlin Auditorium beginning at 7 pm. Ross Timberlake, director, and Lorrie Hoeh, assistant director, promise an evening of fun for all.

Under the heading of “Please Pardon Us for Stepping (Out of) on Your (Line) Limes,” there will be three delightful plays: “Who Murdered Who,” by Millard Crosby; “Shakespeare in Shambles,” by Wade Bradford; and “Light Competition,” by Louise Helliwell.

Photos shown are from one of the plays, “Light Competition,” a light-hearted Christmas play. Each year the city gives a prize for the best holiday decorations and two neighbors are in such a feud over the matter that only a miracle can stop them. A unique “miracle” is planned by two younger family members, resulting in the merriest Christmas in years.

Barb Dion, Jim McLean, Tineke Ouwinga, Jack Kuchta  (photo L. Hoeh)

Norman Milliard, Carole Timberlake, Rosabelle Tifft  (photo L. Hoeh)

Cast of "Light Competetion:" front, Jim McLean and Jack Kuchta; back, Tineke Ouwinga, Norman Milliard, Barb Dion, Carole Timberlake, Rosabelle Tifft, Mark Antell and Carol Campbell  (photo R. Timberlake)

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