Monday, January 13, 2014

Did You Know That...

The beginning of winter term is a good time to remember these WMSC policies designed to attract new members – and retain old ones.

A non-member may visit a single class session to see how we do things. Perhaps you have a friend who you know would enjoy a certain course. Bring that person along with you to check out the class. As a courtesy always check with the instructor first.

A non-member may take his/her first class (paying full tuition) before joining WMSC. We have several new members who joined us this winter as a result of their having taken a class in the fall.

Any member may request a sponsorship/scholarship. A sponsorship is a free membership. A scholarship is a free class. Any member may request a sponsorship and/or one scholarship per year. Contact Marvin Ouwinga (

Any member of a Maine senior college may take courses at any other senior college. On the right side of this blog you will find a list of all the member colleges of the Maine Senior College Network, with links to their websites. It's interesting to see what other colleges offer!

Most WMSC members joined because of a personal contact. How did you come to join WMSC? Most of us hear of WMSC through a friend or acquaintance, so spread the word! Send your friends the link to this blog ( or show them a copy of the course bulletin. Invite them to the next To Your Health or Down Home Maine presentation. Our members are our greatest ambassadors!

For more information about Western Mountains Senior College visit our website at