Sunday, June 15, 2014

Senior College Players Gearing up for Fall

by Rosabelle Tifft
Have you always wanted to act but were not sure if you could? Or wondered about memorizing a script, or performing in front of an audience, let alone talk? If so, Senior College Players is the place to be. And don’t worry about memorizing three acts of Shakespeare because you can always carry a script. (Though it might make a sword fight a tad awkward!) We do require you have the time of your life taking on the persona of someone else and having fun becoming that character in a play – that’s a MUST!

We are in the process of selecting plays for our annual fall class and performance, “The Senior Fa(o)llies.” You can get complete details at the class registration on September 3, to be held in conjunction with the WMSC Annual Meeting. We truly hope to see you there.

Characters in a scene from one of last year’s plays, “Who Murdered Who:”  Jim McLean, Rosabelle Tifft, Mark Antell and Lorrie Hoeh. Plans are underway to produce three comedy plays for this fall’s performance.        photo L. Hoeh 

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