Sunday, March 15, 2015

To Your Health – Supermarket Strategies

by Barb Dion

Once again, Cathi DiCocoa has managed to give her audience another fun and informative program. Are you wondering why your local supermarket is set up the way it is? It’s all in the science - the presence of beautiful flowers and fresh produce tend to give shoppers a comfortable and happy feeling. She also said that the layout of the store is planned to have the most profitable items, produce, deli, and meat counters on the perimeters.

Cathi DiCocoa, working her magic.  photo Barb Dion

Cathi also spoke about the importance of reading labels on everything you purchase. For example, did you know that the order of ingredients listed on the label show the highest to the lowest? She showed us a can of corn that was only corn and water, which meant that the highest ingredient was the corn itself. Nutrition labels have recently changed to reflect the way Americans eat today.

Some of her helpful hints included not going to the grocery store hungry, always buy organic if possible, and compare unit prices on different brands of the same item. She also said it is very important to thoroughly wash all fresh fruit and vegetables.

 The highlight of the evening was the delicious Mexican Stew that she prepared from scratch, all while keeping up her lively presentation!
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