Sunday, April 19, 2015

Joyful Living

by Barb Dion

If you missed the Joyful Living program last week, you missed one of the best To Your Health programs offered! The highly entertaining trio of Ellen Crocker, Jewel Clark, and Karen Swanson kept the large audience laughing and on their toes – sometimes even literally.

Jewel Clark, Karen Swanson and Ellen Crocker   photo B. Dion
Ellen opened by giving her unique perspectives on life and aging. She spoke about the challenges of achieving joy and what we can do to enhance our lives. At our ages, we all have our own individual challenges but have the ability of taking charge of our lives. Don’t fret over regrets – get over them! Stop saving our best things for special occasions – use that fancy china and celebrate the ordinary times of our lives. Realize that the happier you are, the more you have to give to others.

Jewel Clark had the audience yodeling (yes, yodeling!) and clapping to the sounds of her musical offerings. She talked about the legacy her parents left and the influence it had on her life. She shared songs she has written and had everyone yodeling, even when we didn’t realize we were doing it at first. It was a lively and entertaining interlude and lifted everyone’s spirits.

Yoga instructor Karen Swanson had us stretching and relaxing and learning to embrace our inner selves. Once we were relaxed, she played music and encouraged us to dance to the beat both by ourselves and with a partner. This was a wonderful way to end the evening and we all left relaxed and happy!

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