Monday, May 18, 2015

Spotlight on Hardcover Bookbinding and Introduction to Auto Detailing

Here are some photos from two of WMSC's recently completed hands-on classes.  Enjoy!

Hardcover Bookbinding

Internet-based instruction presented by Hardcover Bookbinding class facilitator Jim Bebko.   photo A. Chapman

Ruth Barrett and Jim Bebko trimming a text block.  photo A. Chapman

Michele Gagnon attaching book board to outer cover.  photo J. Bebko

Michele Gagnon gluing the text block to the cover while Bonnie Pooley and Ruth Barrett look on.  photo J. Bebko

Bonnie, Michele and Ruth loading the book press with the finished book.  photo J. Bebko

Introduction to Auto Detailing

Shampooing the interior of Carlie Casey's car - Carlie was the lucky participant whose car was chosen for detailing!  photo D. McMahon

Kay Larson vacuuming.  photo D. McMahon

Carlie and Kay look on as instructor Tim McMahon and Tim Roberts clean floor mats.  photo D. McMahon

Tim Roberts cleaning rims.  photo D. McMahon

Roberta Taylor buffing on the wax.  photo D. McMahon

A very pleased Carlie!  photo D. McMahon

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