Monday, October 24, 2016

A Follow-up to the Brown Bag Lunch Discussion on Clean Elections

by Nancy Davis

The recent Brown Bag Lunch discussion centered around public financing of election campaigns, a.k.a “clean elections.” After much thoughtful discussion of the topic, facilitator Brendon Bass introduced an equally compelling discussion on the topic of rank choice voting, which is referendum question # 5 on November 8. Brendon has suggested the following internet links on these 2 topics: Ranked Choice Voting:; Maine Citizens for Clean Elections (MCCE):

If you’d like to dig deeper on this critical election, you may read unbiased information on many national and state candidates by consulting Project Vote Smart ( In addition to critical presidential and legislative decisions, there are some important referendum questions on the ballot. For more on these six issues:

Participants in the Brown Bag Lunch were inspired to continue the discussion. Whether or not that happens, the next Brown Bag discussion will be on Wednesday, November 16, on the topic of “American Political Society.” What hope is there for our American society? How can we be agents of change in the civil discourse that surrounds our political environment? The discussion will be strictly non-partisan and will reference the frustration many of us feel at the tenor of dialogue and resulting dysfunction of our political system. But only briefly, as the main focus will be on moving into positive action each of us can take. More information to follow. As always, please contact Nancy Davis if you plan to attend (now is not too early), so we have enough seating (; 381-1110). Please remember to RSVP; it is very helpful to us!

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