Monday, May 20, 2013

Featured in The Poet's Corner - WMSC's own Karen Mills!

(The following poem, Memories, written by WMSC member Karen Mills, was published in The Poet's Corner of the May edition of the Maine Senior College Network's newsletter.)


Feeling the warm sunshine on my face
Listening to the rhythmic creak of my rocking
Eyes closed and smiling
Memories flood my carefree and untroubled
Nana--her warm blue eyes twinkling
Mom--never idle
Sisters and brother--I can hear their voices
My children and now grandchildren unique and
Oh how these years fly by!

Childhood memories--they are warming my
My best friend Diane--forever true and still is
Penny candy--we shared
Pets-cats-rats, rabbits, birds--oh the stories I
     could tell
The ocean--sights and sounds so soothing
Beaches--hot white sand and warm sun

I used to wonder what was going through my
     mother's mind when she sat in this same
     rocking chair--in the sun smiling
Now I know

My younger years are gone forever
Sweet warm memories remain
I open my eyes to my little grandson looking at
Great big blue eyes and he asked
"Grandma why are you smiling?"
I look at his smiling face and tell him he will
     someday know

- by Karen Mills, Western Mountains Senior College

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