Monday, May 20, 2013

On a Good Day - WMSC/TMS Poetry Collaboration

Ruth and Jim Bebko from the WMSC Creative writing class teamed up with several Telstar Middle School students in writing a collaborative poem.  They chose "A Good Day" as their topic. Here is their poem, which they read on May 2 at the Tenth Anniversary Celebration "Bridging the Generations."

On a Good Day

Ruth Bebko

We met four young ladies from Telstar
Who hoped to be poets exemplar.
      They played with Haiku
       As we seniors did too.
So hear our new products so far.


Bailey Daniels

I get up so slow
The dew drops feel like heaven
Morning sun peaks out

School still feels boring
But my friends are still the best
With them I can laugh

Walk into the dark
Listen to the warm breeze
This was a good day


Ana Rossow

Waking to the bright sun,
Shining gently through my window,
Covering the world in glow.

Jumping into the
Cool, blue water of the lake,
Swimming all day long


Jim Bebko

Sunrise over the ridge
        Awake, alive, feeling good
                  A day ahead - plans

Sun at zenith
       Chores over, hobby time spent
                  Brighten another's day

Learning something new
        Good book and music enjoyed
                  Some exercise too

Sunset over mountains
         Pleasant meal, friend's conversation
                   A good day, good night


Marta Opie

I run downstairs to
and find an awesome surprise
Bacon sizzling OMNOM

friends are laughing
at the lake we swim
in the bright sun


Anna Montagna

 A good day is great
Good days are so relaxing
A good day is nice
Good days are very amazing
A good day is calm


Mrs. Prescott

sun in the morning
windmills on the horizon
in love with Friday

neon yellow wheels
leather and laces tied up
rollerskate day dream

sneakers on pavement
moving, strong, beautiful
April ice can't last


Ruth Bebko

So, using Haiku as our way
With our poems we have tried to convey
              That regardless of age
               Be it, youthful or grayed
We just wish you a very good day.

Telstar Middle School students and Jim Bebko reading their collaborative poem at WMSC's 10th Anniversary Celebration.
photo Melissa Prescott                                                                                                                                             

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