Sunday, September 1, 2013

New Directions for Senior College Players

by Rosabelle Tifft

Senior College Players resume this fall under the leadership of Ross Timberlake, as director, and Lorrie Hoeh, assistant director. Ross and Lorrie along with a team of veteran players are excited about continuing and moving in new directions.

Ross Timberlake and Lorrie Hoeh  (photo Rosabelle Tifft)
Current plans call for three plays to be performed in a ninety-minute fall production. Newcomers and veteran players alike are invited to join the troupe. Ross plans to hold a special orientation for newcomers and assures everyone that the “senior theater” tradition of carrying scripts on stage will be continued. There are also roles for interested persons who wish to become involved as “behind the scene” volunteers, such as the stage crews, props, costumes and other tasks associated with a dramatic production. Ross said, “The goal is to create a wonderful learning experience for new members, veterans and volunteers as we prepare to entertain our friends and neighbors.”

Ross brings extensive experience to his new role. He majored in theater at USM and has written and produced a number of plays, including the “Porch Plays” and “The Legend of Lefty” dinner theater play. He also co-founded the Bethel Performing Arts Project.

Lorrie’s interest in drama started in grade school when she played Joan of Arc in a play put on by her French teacher, and it continued while studying at Hiram College in Ohio. Through her experience performing, she has developed a keen interest in directing but she still plans to continue her love of performing.

Weekly rehearsals will take place on Mondays beginning September 16, from 1-4 pm at the West Parish Congregational Church. Dress rehearsals will be held on November 18 and 19. Performances are scheduled for Friday, November 22, and Saturday, November 23, beginning at 7 pm in the Gould Academy Trustees Auditorium.

Senior College Players is a course sponsored by Western Mountains Senior College and registrations will be held during WMSC’s annual meeting on September 4 from 5-7 pm at the West Parish Congregational Church. Those unable to attend the annual meeting may register at the Adult Education office at Telstar High School.

For more information about the players and volunteer opportunities, call Ross at 824-6545 or Lorrie at 824-2917.

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