Monday, September 16, 2013

WMSC Teachers' Tea

On Wednesday, September 11, WMSC teachers and board members got together for an informational tea party, hosted by Adult Education director Jeanne Waite and WMSC Board Member/ Teacher Liaison Judy Whitman. It was a sweltering afternoon, but we were all attentive as Jeanie informed us of the new safety procedures now in place at Telstar.  You will hear about these procedures in your first classes of the fall.  Judy then went over the nuts and bolts of how our classes function.  Once we'd gotten through all the nitty-gritty of what happens behind the scenes we were free to socialize and eat the wonderful goodies, as you can see from Rosabelle's photos!

Judy Whitman pouring from her Grandmother's teapot into Jeanie Waite's grandmother's teacup.

Judy, Jeanie, Jim McLean and Marvin Ouwinga check out the food.

Jeanie, Sharon Lyon, Marvin, and Lucia Owen looking over their handouts.
Kathleen DeVore, Ginny Gamble, Sharon Lyon
New WMSC Chair, Marvin Ouwinga, and new WMSC Board Member Janet Stowell
Peter Gartner, Marvin Ouwinga and Jim McLean
RoseMary Mclean, Jim McLean, Judy Whitman and Jan Stowell
Our teachers: Lucia Owen, Marvin Ouwinga, Sharon Lyon, Jim McLean. Suzanne Taylor, Peter Gartner, Mary Haberman, Ginny Gamble
Hostesses Jeanie Waite and Judy Whitman

photos Rosabelle Tifft

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