Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Telstar-Community Resource Directory To Be Rolled Out This Week

As announced in the last WMSC blog, there is an ambitious project being rolled out in our community that you may be interested in supporting. The first edition of the Telstar-Community Resource Directory will be shared with Telstar teachers when they return to school this week. The intent of the Resource Directory is to provide an awareness of the community’s educational resources available to Telstar teachers and students by connecting them to citizens of SAD44 communities who wish to share their education, experiences, and interests to enhance curricular and co-curricular activities.

Please note that this is the first iteration of the directory, and a great deal of effort is going into expanding on this beginning list. We hope you'll be interested in helping! Several WMSC members are part of the Partnership's advisory committee. There is much more information available, including a sign-up sheet to help Al Cressy add people to the directory. Please consider helping in this exemplary project and give me a buzz if you'd like more information. Nancy Davis, 381-1110, nancydavis@megalink.org.

For more information about Western Mountains Senior College visit our website at http://sad44.maineadulted.org/western_mountains_senior_college