Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Snippet From Al Cressy

It may make a difference – Last spring, before school ended, I volunteered to work for a couple of hours with a Telstar middle school teacher on an enrichment project with her class on the subject of tree rings. I enjoyed my brief time with the students, not knowing what impact, if any, I would have with these students that I had never met before. Several weeks ago when I was on my way to attend a high school assembly, one of the middle school students that I had worked with the previous year saw me in the hallway. Upon seeing me, the student said “I remember you from last June!” We exchanged greetings and then went our separate ways. After that brief exchange, I felt that perhaps I had made a difference, even though it may have been small, in this student’s academic life. This is the reason I believe it is important for adults in the SAD44 community to have encounters with the Telstar students through the Telstar High School Community Partnership Program.

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