Sunday, February 9, 2014

Telstar Community Partnership Requests Volunteer for Short-Term Project

by Nancy Davis
Did you see the article in Friday's Sun Journal about the Telstar Community Partnership? The project is moving ahead nicely, and we're looking forward to new volunteers. Would you like to help? If so, you may contact me, and I can answer your questions and get you some paperwork, including a full description of the program, a list of possible volunteer "spots," and an application form.

There is a very specific project this coming week that Telstar teacher Steve Keane would like another adult to help with; you may call me for more information. Steve will be working with 2 teams of 4 students each, competing in a contest whose winner will receive $15,000 for their school. Their task is to create a video on Distracted Driving (think texting and the like), and Steve anticipates 3 work sessions from 2:30-3:30 starting Thursday, February 13th. You need not have video skills to help out; the kids have plenty of that! (Nancy Davis, or 381-1110)

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