Sunday, May 18, 2014

Photos from the Spring Drawing and Painting Class

Suzanne Taylor, class facilitator, gives suggestions to Freda Davis and Roma Wilson as they sketch a still life.    photo Lee Smith
Harriet Gilpatrick, Wendy Hutchins, Denise Hurd and Pam Berry concentrate on their work.  Harriet sketches the small toy pig and Wendy the crock of flowers, while  Denise paints an off-camera still life and Pam Berry consults a reference on drawing. Working simultaneously on a variety of projects is typical of our open studio class, which is open to all, from the beginner to the experienced artist.   photo Lee Smith
Diane McMahon draws a small turtle; Kathleen DeVore works on painting folds of fabric.  photo Lee Smith
By special request Pam Berry, a retired middle school art teacher, leads a class on color mixing.  photo Wendy Hutchins
The class follows Pam's instructions for making a color wheel.  photo Wendy Hutchins
Freda and Roma work on their color wheels while Pam looks on.  photo Wendy Hutchins
Denise shows the class her watercolor "The Pussy Willows."   photo Lee Smith

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