Monday, May 5, 2014

Telstar Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

by Nancy Davis 

Remember the Telstar-Community Partnership mentioned in past blogs? It’s a network of THS staff members and local community resource people working together to provide educational resources to Telstar teachers and students. The planning committee has compiled both a list of needs as identified by Telstar teachers and a directory of local citizens who wish to share their education, experiences, and interests to enhance curricular and co-curricular activities. Well, so far only a handful of you WMSC members have volunteered for the resource list, and we know there are more of you very talented people out there! Won’t you join Al Cressy, Nancy Davis, Jim Bebko, Ruth Bebko, Lee Smith and Steve Smith on the list? (There are, of course, non-WMSC folks on the list as well.)

We will be gearing up during the summer for the fall term, hoping to match up teacher needs and volunteer willingness. In the meantime, the Partnership team sponsored a luncheon on May 1 to thank Telstar High School staff for their dedicated efforts with students. It was a lot of fun, both for teachers and for community members William Andrews, Allen Cressy, Rosemary Laban, Nancy Davis, Mike Broderick, Rick Churchill, Rodney Harrington, Bruce Edwards, and Jim Bebko.

Remember, the ways you might be able to help out are limitless; just a few: giving talks, consulting with teachers on projects, serving as chaperones on educational tours, arranging visits to cultural institutions, tutoring individual students, and offering other kinds of educational support. Community members who wish to help in these endeavors may contact Allen Cressy for more information or to be added to the Resource Directory ( or 824-0508).

Here are a few photos taken by Rick Churchill at the Telstar Teacher Appreciation Luncheon.

William Andrews giving welcome remarks, with Rodney Harrington in plaid.

Volunteers Al Cressy and Bruce Edwards, with THS teacher John Eliot.

Volunteer Nancy Davis talking with teacher Susan Owens, Mike Broderick and Bruce Edwards in the background.

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