Monday, August 13, 2012


by Rosabelle Tifft

“Picnic, Pickin’ and Poetry,” an annual summer social event sponsored by Western Mountains Senior College (WMSC), took place in two locations this year. Members who wanted to pick blueberries traveled to the home of Walter and Beth Brough, located on a quiet mountain slope away from the town’s traffic and neighbors. Scenic mountain views with classical music in the background made blueberry picking on the hills a pure delight. Following an hour’s picking, the hostess served homemade cookies and cool drinks as the group prepared for the second phase of the event. 
The “pickers” drove a few miles to the home of Roberta Taylor to meet up with other members for picnic and poetry. Located on another scenic spot surrounded by mountain views, all members relaxed and enjoyed their picnic lunch with friendly conversation. Snacks, salads and desserts, which members brought to share with others, added interest to the picnic.
After lunch, a number of members read poems by their favorite authors or their own original poems to the delight of all.

This casual summer social is but one of the many types of experiences that WMSC offers its members to help them connect with others.

Photos by Rosabelle Tifft and Lauren Gailitis

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