Course Oversubscription Policy

The Board of Directors has deemed it appropriate to develop a written policy governing the manner in which an overscription to any particular course offering is handled in order to be fair and equitable to those persons interested in taking the course.

In the event a course has more people seeking to register for it than the announced limit for the course, the Registrar shall use the following criteria to determine who shall be allowed to register for the course.
  1. One must be a paid member of Western Mountains Senior College.
  2. There shall be no telephone registrations.
  3. There shall be no electronic registrations.
  4. There shall be no registrations allowed prior to the stated date on the Western Mountains Senior College Course Bulletin.
  5. Registrations may take place in person or by US mail provided, however that full payment for the desired course accompanies the registration form.
  6. All registrations accompanied by full payment and received by US mail up to and through the stated first day of registration at 11:00 AM shall not be opened but be held until 11:15AM on the first day of registration. At 11:15 AM the registering official at the Adult Education office of Telstar High School shall open the mailed registration forms and place each registrant's name in a pool.
  7. All persons registering in person on the first day of registration at the Adult Education Office at Telstar High School on or before 11:00 AM shall have their names placed in the pool of names along with the names of the people who have registered by mail.
  8. Names shall then be picked at random until the course limit has been reached.
  9. In the event there are names remaining in the pool once the course limit is attained, then in such event the remaining names shall be placed on a waiting list and shall be given first priority when the course is next offered.
  10. The waiting list shall be maintained by the President of Western Mountains Senior College.

This policy has been approved by the Board of Directors of the Western Mountains Senior College on the 6th day of January, 2015 and shall take effect immediately.