Monday, November 19, 2012

Senior College Players Offer A Christmas Gift To the Community

Group photo from "Memories of a Wonderful Life"

Two holiday favorites will be featured by the Senior College Players as a Christmas gift to the community on Friday, December 7, at 7:00 pm and on Saturday, December 8 at 1:00 pm and at 7:00 pm. Performances will take place at the Mason House Exhibit Hall, intersection of Broad and Mason Streets, Bethel (entrance on Mason Street). 

George, Mary and Family
Director Lynn Arizzi said, “Come sing, join us on stage, but only if you like, and celebrate the holidays with us.” This holiday special promises to be fun and enjoyable for both the Players and the audience. The Mason House will be in full holiday d├ęcor for these presentations.
From "A Child's Christmas in Wales"

“A Child’s Christmas in Wales” by Dylan Thomas, one of the featured plays, will be a sparkling rendition of this classic. Performers will read and act, and invite the audience to join them in song.

Joseph and Clarence

“Memories of a Wonderful Life,” by Jonathan M. Zaley, is an audience-participation Christmas comedy that puts a friendly twist on a holiday classic. Arizzi said, “If you recall the movie ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ you’ll love this play."
Clarence biting Bert
 Buffalo Gals

Performers will take the audience through the story with all its famous characters including George Bailey, Mr. Gower, Clarence the Angel, Mary, Mr. Potter, Uncle Billy, Zuzu, Bert the cop, Ernie the taxi cab driver, and even God, played as Joseph.  Arizzi added, “We will need audience help to play all the characters. We’ll give you the lines so you can join in the fun.” 

Ernie taking George and Mary to their new home
Mary, baby and nurse
Senior College Players will be performing interchanging roles in the three performances. Players include Barb Dion, Leigh Dickinson, Mary-Ellen Gartner, Peter Gartner, Lorrie Hoeh, Dan Johnson, Laura Johnson, Jim McLean, Tineke Ouwinga, Roberta Taylor and Rosabelle Tifft.

Mr. Potter and George
Senior College Players is offered as a course sponsored by Western Mountains Senior College. WMSC is celebrating its tenth anniversary year. Senior College Players have been performing for the community for six of those years. The public is invited to the performances and admission is free. However, donations will be accepted to offset Royalty fees. For more information, contact Lynn Arizzi at 824-0080.
Another group photo from "Memories of a Wonderful Life"
photos by Joe Arizzi
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Photos from Wine, Wine, Wine! at the Mill Hill Inn, November 14

Rosemary McLean, David and Mary Jane Shiverick

Lorrie Hoeh and Mary-Ellen Gartner

Jim and Rosemary McLean
Peter Gartner

Cathy Heffernan and Saranne Taylor

Dave Nivus, our resident wine expert
Dave Nivus and Scott Hynek

Paula and Herb Gross

Mac and Nancy Davis, Tim and Jodi Carter, and Mary-Ellen Gartner studying wine notes.

photos by Kathleen DeVore

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Good Balance: Staying on Your Feet in Bethel

by Barb Dion

On Thursday, November 1, the WMSC To Your Health committee presented “Good Balance: Staying on Your Feet in Bethel.” A large crowd enjoyed the very informative talk which focused on preventing falls as we age. Before the program started twenty lucky registrants were able to have a balance assessment performed by the presenters: Lissa Merrill, Scott Bottomley, and Amy Bottomley, all of Stephens Memorial Hospital Department of Physical Therapy.

Scott Bottomley and Mary Leimbach
The facilitator, Amy Bottomley mentioned that people are living much longer, and that the purpose of this program was to give pointers on how to stay safe and enjoy life for as long as we can. She explained what a fall is, and that falls are common, predictable, multi-factorial, and preventable. Some, but not all risk factors are lower body weakness, problems with gait and balance, impaired vision and/or hearing, postural hypertension (drop in blood pressure when standing), and medication side effects. Inappropriate footwear was also shown to play a part in falling. The more risk factors you have, the greater chance of a fall.

Some tips were presented to avoid falls.  The need to hydrate, good nutrition, proper use of medications, eye exams and hearing screening were important. Also, a good exercise program will keep your reflexes strong and help you to walk faster and safer. Walking, tai chi, yoga, and other aerobic exercises are highly recommended.

A large part of prevention includes checking your home environment for potential hazards. Throw rugs, cluttered floors, objects placed on steps, and improper lighting were mentioned, as well as slippery tub or shower floors. Always keep emergency numbers in large print near each phone. If possible, carry a cell phone on your person. It was suggested that seniors consider wearing an alarm device that will bring help in case they fall and can’t get up. 

Amy Bottomley, Rosabelle Tifft, Judy Whitman and Lissa Merrill

Stephens Memorial Hospital offers a balance program called "Staying on Your Feet" for all adults ages 60 and older. This is a free class that meets on the second Thursday of every month. To sign up, call 1-866-609-5183.

photos by Barb Dion

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Monday, November 5, 2012


by Roberta Taylor

Who says senior citizens are technologically illiterate? To dispel that rumor, MSAD#44 Adult and Continuing Education staff presented three “Introduction to Technology Forums” in September and October.

Topics included Intro to Facebook, Pinterest, and Skype; Intro to I-PAD; and Intro to Kindle and E-Reader. Lois Ruff and Lauren Gailitis showed us how to set up accounts, how to ensure digital security, and how to download apps, many of which are free.

The classes were small, but we students were eager participants. We asked a myriad of questions, explored many options and, with knowledgeable and very patient mentors, learned a lot and had a great time.

Thanks to Jeannie Waite, Adult Ed director, and to our super teachers for developing this forum and for supporting us in connecting with the technological world!

Keep tuned for announcements regarding future programs to be offered, perhaps before spring.  Stay connected!

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